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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore is not an act but a habit. Aristotle. 



Boy’s hands becoming man’s hands

Daisy, Daisy

My 15 year old boy still brings me flowers. About the only one to be found this time of year.


Whoever would foster love covers an offence but whoever repeats a matter separates close friends. Proverbs 17 v 19

Minds more awake


Journaling January


imageThis month I am keeping a track of a new habit for this month, steps taken, and the days I take the dog for one of her walks.

The finished page looked like this…


We had a holiday to America 4 months ago and d1 bought some material to make some pyjamas.  We have not got round to making them, but now we are making every step a new project, we will be tackling it one step at a time.

Step 1
(14th January 2017)


Trace around an existing, comfy pair of pyjamas onto newspaper and cut out to make a pattern template.  Remember to stretch the top of the existing pyjamas to trace around to make sure they have enough material when gathered with the elastic.  (We made that mistake and gaffa taped more newspaper onto the top of the pattern and recut that bit.)




h Step 2
(18th January 2017)

Cut around the pattern twice, (we used wooden train track pieces to weigh down the pattern on the fabric and then cut around the pattern.  They worked very well as they held the pattern down just where it needed it). Turn the pattern over and cut out another two pieces.  You then have 4 pieces for the pyjamas.  Match up two pieces for the front and sew together the top of the leg to the waist.  Match up the two pieces for the back and sew from the top of the leg to the waist.




The pyjamas looked good but before the hems are done and the waist band done, we need to put a bit of material in the top to make them fit a bit better….

To be continued ….


First overlocker project – lens case

Having enjoyed my sewing machine for many years, and after borrowing a friend’s over locker, I bought one after christmas. It took a few days to get it out of the box as I needed to find a place for it to live before I would allow myself to keep it. Having found it a home in my sewing corner, I opened the box and put it on the table with the instructions. I found a few ways to start using Pinterest, but all seemed a bit tricky knowing where to start. I decided to start with a tutorial on making a camera lens case. I’m trying to make each step a project which I complete before moving on to the next, so the first project was to print the instructions out in booklet form, so that was Day 1.
Day 2
Work out the measurements for my lens.

Day 3
Cut out and sew the bottom piece. With this being the first thing I have done on the overlocker, I set the tensions as per the booklet that came with the overlocker and jumped in. The tensions are not quite right so I now held to go and do this tension trick to find out what is amiss and how I can fix it. I will still use this piece so that perfectionism doesn’t get in the way of getting things done.

To be continued …..

Every step a new project

A blog.  I thought a blog may help to have a place where I can put projects.  I’m very good at starting things and not so good at completing them.  Maybe if I put things on here one step at a time as I do them, see each step as a new project then the desire to start something new will result in a completed project….. one step at a time.

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