Having enjoyed my sewing machine for many years, and after borrowing a friend’s over locker, I bought one after christmas. It took a few days to get it out of the box as I needed to find a place for it to live before I would allow myself to keep it. Having found it a home in my sewing corner, I opened the box and put it on the table with the instructions. I found a few ways to start using Pinterest, but all seemed a bit tricky knowing where to start. I decided to start with a tutorial on making a camera lens case. I’m trying to make each step a project which I complete before moving on to the next, so the first project was to print the instructions out in booklet form, so that was Day 1.
Day 2
Work out the measurements for my lens.

Day 3
Cut out and sew the bottom piece. With this being the first thing I have done on the overlocker, I set the tensions as per the booklet that came with the overlocker and jumped in. The tensions are not quite right so I now held to go and do this tension trick to find out what is amiss and how I can fix it. I will still use this piece so that perfectionism doesn’t get in the way of getting things done.

To be continued …..